PDK Access

Education on solid foundations



Of all the projects in which PDK Construction has taken part: multifamily, office buildings and institutional buildings, it is in this last line that PDK has been capitalizing its experience and looking to the future. This look gains strength, due to the fact that those responsible for the company consider that such institutional projects are great references for the houses of study. “In 2014 we worked with the PUCP carrying out two iconic projects: the Aulario and the Library of Science, Engineering and Architecture. In turn, that same year we carried out for the Universidad del Pacífico, a project of offices for professors and researchers. In 2016, we did a multi-career pavilion for the Universidad Privada del Norte,” explains César Guzmán, General Manager of PDK, who highlights the contribution they have been able to provide with these works, making them sustainable buildings that have LEED certification in energy savings, thanks to cross ventilation and the use of special glass to reduce thermal concentration, according to international standards.

This year, the construction company PDK is back on track, and that is why it is building a new Convention Center for the PUCP, which will consist of a 13-story building, including classrooms, offices and a theater. “This project will be complemented by two existing structures within the same block, the PUCP Cultural Center and an office building. This will re-launch San Isidro as a cultural center of the city,” explains Juan Carlos Tassara, CEO of PDK, who also mentions that the company’s competitive advantage lies in specialization, since they add value to projects from the early stages, collaborating in the design so that it is efficient, cost-effective and meets the demands of a high-performance building.

A key to understanding PDK’s positioning in this sector is due to the fact that universities and the education sector itself are in continuous competition, not only in infrastructure, but also in the programs they offer, such as master’s degrees, which compete at an international level. This competition translates into an increase in the demand for buildings with modern support for today’s education. And this is where PDK’s work speaks for itself.