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Increasing value in after-sales service



It is not surprising to see that Produktiva Construction has been changing the mentality of its business for some time now, and has been making an increasing effort to stand out in the process of delivering homes to the new owners. Capitalizing on all the experience they have generated as a group, they were detecting that there were many circles and triangulations around the delivery process, due to the fact that the responsibility for this stage fell on the direct client -in this case, the real estate company-, being an aspect in which the final client was not benefited and that now has improved significantly as they are directly in charge of it.

“Actually, the direct client has taken it quite well because they know we are getting directly involved in the end client’s need. The real estate company needs to know what experience their buyer is having. In this case, hand in hand with us, who are the ones who have built the building, we improve our experience because we can resolve technical doubts more quickly, we know the project in detail, and we have the needs and observations that we can raise at the moment. We are hand in hand with our direct client, knowing the needs of our end client”, explains Manuel Urcia, Produktiva’s After Sales Manager.

In this eagerness to make the end customer satisfied and through these actions have a positive experience, we seek to generate greater value as a brand. Apart from the success of a project in terms of its architectural value, the user’s experience is also measured, taking into account that the user will live there for a long time.

“That is why we get involved in this process together with the real estate company, because what we can solve at that moment, which are cosmetic issues apart from the post-sale issues that have a different time frame and period, is precisely what the end client usually observes. We attack on that and in the next project and in the next deliveries, our number of observations decreases considerably”, says Manuel Urcia, satisfied to see that satisfaction at this stage has reached almost 90%. “Sometimes the client may ask how the wallpaper is cleaned or what material has been used to make a wall. Not necessarily the real estate person knows those details. At that moment, we give a quick answer because they know that our technical handling is more efficient and that’s why our satisfaction is so high. We understand that if the end user is not happy with the product received, ultimately the real estate company will not have more projects or more construction. We, apart from having all this delivery experience, learn from the things that could have been better. Having all this information that we gather during the delivery process helps us to apply it to the next project and for our direct client to have higher quality optimizations”, he concludes.