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In 2006, Produktiva started out as the operations area of the real estate and construction company Edifica, but since 2014, it became a construction company in order to execute Edifica’s projects and also operate for third parties. “Since its birth, Produktiva has been dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge construction methods in the world. We have always followed the Lean Construction philosophy, which seeks to add value to the client’s projects and, on the other hand, to minimize losses in construction”, explains General Manager César Guzmán. The truth is that in the last two and a half years, Produktiva has begun to see the works it executes from early stages -such as design- to add such value and for the client to make informed decisions based on cost, obtaining solutions that bring the buildings to the target cost and term so that they are functional and sustainable.

Since its beginnings as an area of operations, Produktiva’s specialty has been multifamily buildings for the A- and B+ socioeconomic sectors, but as a company it has integrated lines of work such as offices and institutional buildings, always within the scope of buildings for private companies, since Produktiva does not build for the public sector and does not build roads, bridges or hydroelectric plants. “Every year we have been growing sustainably. Looking to the future, we want to offer collaborative environments and provide engineering options – in addition to construction – to our clients,” says César Guzmán, who emphasizes that these goals are based on fundamental pillars of corporate culture such as innovation, honesty and proactivity.

Thus, works such as the emblematic buildings for the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú such as the Library of Science, Engineering and Architecture and the Convention Center, or office buildings such as Skytower and multifamily buildings such as Canvas (both with 20 floors and 7 basements), are some of the impressive buildings that attest to Produktiva’s experience. “We are moving away from being a functional organization with a traditional organization chart to a process-based one, and the focus is on the customer. We all align ourselves with the product or service that the client demands,” concludes César Guzmán, proud that the company is always oriented towards innovation and continuous improvement.